Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

Another quick one! I have to go. Soon. Or mummy will find out I’m still here and not in the shower. Waaaaa.

So, here be dot points this time:

  • I signed up for Red Shield Appeal Salvation Army thingo. Yay for community service
  • I want a kilt
  • My dad just walked in and put $25 on my desk….okay then
  • I used both wax and hairspray today. Works better
  • But I still need Gatsby (online or chinatown?)
  • I want a new domain/host; the era of ohkindsir is nearing its end??!!
  • I love metal
  • I love my friends
  • I love/hate poker
  • Maths homework kills time and draws my attention away from shit
  • I have a headache and should sleep soon…shouldn’t rely on Panadol too much
  • Jasmine tea tastes weird, I’ll stick to Black, Green, Various Chinese, Iron Buddha, Milk, Bubble, White
  • I feel like making a movie. ROGER if you are reading this, we gotta work on shit ASAP. Michael too!
  • I hope Roger is having fun in Shanghai; loving his Photolog!



    Listening to some random shit (pretty bloody disgusting too) from brother’s room. It’s off-key singing, low production value K-pop? J-pop? Something like that.



Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

This one will be quick, even though I failed yet again to talk to you yesterday. Sorry about that. I’m not too sure what to say; it’s kinda like there’s nothing going on to talk about except the same old shit that goes on in everybody’s life (except a reeeallly weird statement I heard one teacher say to another) …but at the same time there’s a lot going on in my head. Thoughts, worries, ‘discussions’ etc. Feelings and human shit like that.

One great thing I heard today was a miracle of sorts…I don’t mean to preach, but this was significant to me :P. A lady at church was diagnosed with brain, bone marrow and other cancers that were quite malignant. I don’t quite know what to think when I hear things like that; feeling somewhat empty, and possibly some sense of injustice. At the time, I was intensely upset, especially at how random these things can be. But, just a few hours ago I heard that her brain cancers had pretty much disappeared, somehow. 🙂

Finally got around to getting the forms for some school ‘talent show’ thingy. Sounds sorta lame when I say it like that I guess, but it’s all fun. And no, I’m not going on stage as some dancer or doing weird things to my body; our band just wants to play a song. Though I do assume there is some form of prejudice against metal. But, the more experience, the better: every opportunity counts XD

Just need to pick a song now…considering we don’t have a vocalist…

Well anyway, I guess it’s back to mathematics homework and looking at stuff on the net…

Goodnighttttt (3 DAYS LEFT)


Listening to ‘Advanced Corpse Tumour’ by Necrophagist


17/05/2010: Hair

Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

Today was the day I had to face the rest of the school with my 6-inch-shorter-than-usual hair…as well as the cross country, but that was very ‘meh’. Anyway, I encountered a majority of ‘I actually like your new hair’ remarks, a few ‘WHAT DID YOU DO’-s and some ‘I miss your mane…’ type comments. To each one of these I just randomly picked either ‘Thanks’, ‘eh.’ or ‘I know, I didn’t want them to cut 6 inches’. I also received a hug of comfort, which seemed to me to say ‘Don’t worry Leon, I still love you even though your head looks tiny’. *weeps*

But nah, it’s not bad I reckon. Give it a few weeks and I’ll be a happy chappy in regards to my hair. Also, if anyone could point me to where to get Gatsby in Sydney that’d be sweeeeeet…I need it to be ‘moar asian’. I really hope I am able to keep up the whole straightening/burning of the scalp + waxing everyday…takes 2 weeks to develop a habit right?

Also, a slight ramble here (not something I usually do). Why on earth would Nokia not include a USB cable with the phone? It’s a bloody MicroUSB. I don’t have one. Everything I use either is proprietary or MINI USB. They should give one to meeeeeeee.

Well I guess its eBay time.

It also seems to me that my room is starting to get a tad messier again; an open book on my desk and a single loose leaf paper cover up my otherwise naked desk top. I prefer it naked, so I think I’ll go clean it up…ah, friend’s birthday tomorrow…I should make a card or something.



Listening to ‘Shut up and Explode’ by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES


Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

I know, I know…I forgot to talk to you yesterday as well. Sorry about that.

Well, to quickly sum up yesterday: Hair, phone and headaches. I headed to the city after the local phone stores (well, the one that we went to) was retarded and my dad got pissed off and swore at the employees, followed by a ramble about how incredibly shit customer service is these days. Hahaha epic. So upon heading to the city, we eventually found a replacement for my dying phone so that was good…then came the fated haircut. Alas, I wanted a more asian hairstyle than my 7-8 inches of curliness, but I did not want 6 inches of hair cut off. Waaaa *sob* It’ll grow back soon…right? 😛

Then the headaches. These might have been continued on from the previous day’s fainting and nausea/epic fail, but it might also be due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (check wiki). My mum has it, and I might…is it the SAR rating of my phone? Is it the 3G-ness of it? IS IT ALL A CONSPIRACY?!?! But there is a third possibility for my headaches: a phenomenon called the nocebo effect (http://skepdic.com/nocebo.html )…maybe? The Emhypersensitivity might just be in both my mum and my own minds! HOOLLLLLLLLLY SHIT! Very interesting stuff…

Anyway, back to today with a rather rare thing occurring for me: being allowed to a social event on a school weekend! Wooooo! Yeah Leon! Nearly 17 years old and still lacking basic independence! …but yeah it was good 🙂

So I’m off, to eBay to look for some Gatsby and a USB cable for my phone.

And Roger should be in China now? Or on the plane? Yay!



Listening to ‘SEVENTH HEAVEN’ by L`arc~en~Ciel

14/05/2010: Faint


I forgot to post on you yesterday! Oh no…but who cares anyway? 😛

Another thing I forget is anything that happened yesterday, so we’ll just move on. Today I woke up, ran a few kms in the freeezing cold of the morning. All is well yeah? A healthy practice is it not? But noooo; I got home, feeling unwell with a headache, dizziness, stomach ache (ie. Nausea) and then pretty much collapsed/fainted on a sofa. Woke up (apparently pale as a white guy), then showered (so much sweat…) and then got to school about 40minutes late. Probably should’ve went later. So. Bloody. Tired.

The highlight of the school day was being able to see what our head science teacher thought of our video…alas, he thought it was pretty awesome 😀 Yay! Friends seemed to like it enough too; that made me happy…

Also, Roger, my tall asian buddy is going to China! I hope he has good fun, blogs and takes some good pictures [with a new DSLR?]! He [and his puns] will be missed dearly.

Got home, pretty much collapsed. Which resulted in mother getting me tea, partially helping me with the tough and complex process of boiling an egg and not yelling at me. There’s a good side to feeling like shit too it seems :P.

Now, I am dizzy, emotional and tired. What a combination! Tomorrow lies a dreary day that is highlighted by a possible new hairstyle…fascinating. *sigh* Oh well, yeah yeah, keep my chin up and keep moving forward blah blah.

Time to go listen to some heavy shit and fall asleep. Ciao kiddies.


Listening to ‘Man of the King’ by Kalmah



Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

I’ll just quickly skim through the beginning of my day, which was quite average. I woke up after another night of little sleep (bloody toothache/ulcer) which indirectly caused me to be late to school. Kinda thinking that the maths teacher is used to seeing me walk in around 10-15 minutes late, I didn’t bother with a late note. No problem. 😀

On a sad note, my phone is dying…just went to it to check the time…and it greeted me with ‘Please insert SIM’. *gasp* My heart sank, then I threw the phone around…and it was ‘better‘. BAAAA T__T

Come 12:40pm, we were off to the final frontier. The point of no return. Yes, that’s right: it was time to throw away our pride and finish the video. We had 5 hours to finish embarrassing voice overs, re-shoot unsatisfactory scenes and compile the thing. So, we spent over an hour drinking tea…then some time playing with my cat…then some time messing around with beats to make some dodgy ‘song’. We ended up scaring some locals…with a certain scene we had to film in the neighbourhood. *cries* It was all good fun, AND we did manage to make very satisfactory progress, pretty much completing it. Yay!

Now, I’m just waiting to see the render while I drink some more tea to soothe my throat. Which is not feeling too well at all. Nothing sexual, just the fact that SCREEEEEAMING and YELLING in the name of art (and science) really messed with my throat. On top of my toothache, this gives me the opportunity to whinge to you about something. 😦

Nawwwwwwwwww, poor Leon! Why don’t you give this kind sir a nice big hug?

Well, I should be getting the render veryyyyy soon. I’m getting exciting. Almost as excited as when I was stroking my new guitar strings, and then proceeding to licking them (to hit harmonics of course).


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Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

The deadline draws near, and our dignity wears thin as we yell at our video cameras, scream and ultimately ‘teste-pop’ for necessary sound recordings…and now I have a ulcer AND a toothache. Talk about good timing.

School was as ‘meh’ as ever, but the afternoon was somewhat interesting; spent recording voice-overs. That is, Roger’s VO’s…and as you might know, voice acting is quite difficult/embarrassing, especially if it’s the first time. So, jokingly I had to convince my tall asian friend to take a deep breath, and then [jokingly] persuade him that he has no dignity. Nada. Zilch. All lost, gone into the dark realm of the interwebs and beyond. So yeah, now I have a new ringtone (let’s just say that during the conversation, I ‘accidentally’ left the microphone on).

I’ll tell you what’s constantly in my mouth and won’t leave me alone, seeking my full attention at every moment? No matter how many times I try to numb it with cold water or lick it to soothe it a bit…it keeps coming back! That’s right, ulcers and toothaches. Annoying little bastards aren’t they? (Might actually be a wisdom tooth…laaaame) Mummy is trying to convince me to apply this gel like substance to it, but I think I’ll stick to Panadol first, before rubbing weird chemicals on my gum. Tried and true, right? Why not stick with something if it works?



Listening to NOTHING!!!