Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

This will be the end of you, my last post on your rather short-lived existence. It was fun, and it taught me many things…such as the difficulty of daily blogging whilst still attending school, doing homework and not getting enough sleep. I hope I have learnt my lesson 😛

Anyway, today is the 30th, so I’ll just be quick about yesterday and then return to a ramble about how I’ll do things from now. Yesterday was a friend’s birthday party, which was advertised as having its highlight as the card game by the name of ‘Mafia’. Good game…but we ended up playing poker, which people got bored of (BLASPHEMY!) and we then ended up playing…you know it. Video games, namely Guitar Hero and Super Smash Bros Brawl. All in all, a pretty good day just being with friends…and drinking tea with them.

As soon as I got home, being home alone…I whipped out dreamweaver and started on my new website. 3-4 hours later, the portal was up…and as we speak, I’m working on the successor for you (Mr DiaryBlog) which goes by the name of Lok Lok Logs. (‘Lok’ being one of the characters in my Chinese name…which means ‘happy’). So here’s a link, aaaaaaaaaand…

Farewell. Forver.





Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

We’re moving. I got a new domain! Also, have a party tomorrow, so need to sleep!

Wait…no…damn, it isn’t even the 28th anymore…shit.

Quick! Today= handball, handball, handball and school reports. Will set up new blog soon!



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26/05/2010: Mergh

Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

I’m so bloody bored. I have so many options as to what to do, yet no motivation whatsoever, where did it all go? T__T

Today I saw notices for two new competitions which got me quite pumped to check them out at home. One was a film competition, and one was a design. Disappointingly, the film competition prize seems to go to the school (screw that haha)…and it’s about the environment and stuff like that. Not my cup of tea. The design one…meh, some T-shirt design with a face in it for Clearasil. I’ll give it a go if I can think of something…


There’s maths homework in front of me, critical thinking notes to my side, depressing lyrics being written on MS Word here…ehhhhhh so much effort!

All I can think of wanting to do right now are either spending a shitload of money, moshing, making weird noises, drinking bubble tea and imagining hypothetical ‘what-if’s’ in my head. So much effort…

Damn, I’m actually so bored that I just want to sit here and do absolutely nothing. Sounds like a plan…


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Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

I don’t even know why I keep daily blogging when everyday is sorta similar except for the little things in life that I either don’t want to talk to you about, or you won’t give a shit about. Sounds about right? XD

Dot points seemed to work well, as well as being quicker to type…maybe I’ll do that again.

  • Lots of free periods today, but I stayed at school to be with people…and for the Physics Olympiad lecture
  • Assessments draw near
  • Wanted to clean my room just then but mummy told me to stop. How rude!
  • Free periods were spent quite well 🙂
  • Physics Olympiad is complex shit
  • I used too much hairspray I think

    Besides that, today I got my microUSB cable. FINALLY. Now I can actually put stuff on the phone *satisfied grin*

    Damn I’m tired…Now it’s time to homework and straighten my hair…yeah.


    Listening to ‘PRINCE’ by Versailles


Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

Today was…ummm *checks school timetable*…yeah, pretty average. School went as normal, with the random little things that make it bearable.

We usually play handball at school…cos it gives us something to do. It’s fun. But then the juniors come in, and they are so energetic. Kids these days eh? Willing to risk a knee graze just to hit that low shot, squealing in ecstasy after winning a rally…wow. Maybe I was like that a few years back…

Highlights of the day:

  • Watching Amadeus in music class. Good movie 😀
  • Watching Enemy of the State again.
    Your average Hollywood flick. Pausing every few minutes to point out the music, camera angles etc. It’s okay, but I think the teacher was trying too hard to talk about something worth it
  • My good friend asked out the girl 🙂 Congratz!!! 😀
  • Cleaning/organizing my room and its shit. Again.
  • Composing some folk ballad

    Hmm, also found out that Physics and Maths tests are just around the corner, bunching up with the dreaded English speech and Critical Thinking final assessment task. Bah. My mood is somewhat proportional to the amount of paper on my pinboard. I better start soon otherwise my stress levels will rise to intolerable levels again, making me a grumpy old fart. Don’t want that…

    Then I found out that my piano exam is, thankfully, two weeks after all my shit that I whinged about just previously. Whew…

    Also should start reading Paradise Lost…need to write a report on that…

    Can’t wait for the holidays…will have to spend that short period of time on worthwhile things before things get back in the deep end.

    Time to get back to it. (should make a vlog soon too) Goodnight world!


    Listening to ‘Gee’ by SNSD Girl’s Generation


Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

Yesterday was pretty damn epic. We headed out super early, and super keen, around 1pm (concert opens doors at 8pm) to just go around the city, which is always good fun. We had emperor cream puffs from Chinatown (yummo!), went into Morning Glory (again), Easyway, etc. Not much unusual happened besides some band was walking around a block promoting themselves. The guy, seeing that we were all wearing the same shirts approached us and asked us to listen to his band, whipping out his iPod Touch and Sennheiser HD’s. It wasn’t metal, but it wasn’t bad either…but at the moment, I need metal. Anyway, check em out: A Sound Mind (www.asoundmind.com.au). Respect for the effort they’re making to promote their music. Now to the flesh of this post. On the way to The Factory, we started to regret getting here so early, spending so much time wandering the city that our legs were starting to tire already. It was already a long day…but it had only just begun. Damn, that was so cliched.

Upon arrival, we noticed the small earlybird crowd of large bearded men, long haired creepy looking guys, viking diehards and people who seemed to be your average bogan who drinks too much (six bottles and the gates aren’t even open yet? lol). Fast forward awhile spent in the cold wind with the constant roar of airplanes descending for landing…the crowd has been organized into a line and the guard is coming to mark my arm with a big black marker. Oh shit.

In case you didn’t know, last time (at screamfest) I discovered I was quite allergic to some inks. They drew a cross on my arm to indicate bartenders not to sell alcohol to me (not like I would want to anyway: straight edge!). The next day my arm was blistering, swollen, inflammed and in the shape of an X. It was one itchy son of a bitch. At this point, I find myself facing a similar situation, so I explain to Mr Magic Marker that I’m allergic…and I got the reaction I was expecting. “Nawwwww really?” So I had to reply: “haha, I know…but I’m actually serious man. Just give me a little cross kay?“. Lol. So far it seems that the marker hasn’t given me a huge contact dermatitus rash. That’s good XD

Dead Letter Opener: these guys opened the show, and were a worthy support band. Check ’em out. Don’t listen to them much, but sounds like Progressive Death (Opeth maybe?) and some black metal influence (they said so themselves)

Be’lakor: this sexy sexy melodeath band from our own Aussie shores finally performs in Sydney! Hurrah! And they delivered excellently with a very solid performance. Shame they didn’t get to play more though…let’s hope they have another [longer] show sometime soon. Also, shame that the crowd weren’t that into it…compared to…

Turisas: the folk metallers from Finland! What we’ve been waiting for for a long time. Also, the Varangian Way being the first metal CD I ever purchased. Oh yeeeeeeah. After watching this, it was just as good as Ensiferum at screamfest. EPIC EPIC EPIC EARGASM! So much fun that even little shy Leon got into it. I hope I didn’t elbow that big dude next to me in his ribs too much…and sorry to that chick I shouldered in the jaw…

I’ll have to refrain from fanboying, but heck it was a beautiful show. RA-RA-RASPUTINNN!!!

It’s also great how live shows have that ability to make you fall in love with songs that you sorta skipped over previously (and love songs you liked) Rex Regi Rebellius, sooo much more epic live…the jumping, screaming and stuff really does come back when you listen to it sitting down on an iPod. Ahhhhh the memories…I’ll chuck some photos up maybe later…once I get a bloody
microUSB cable for my phone. Grrrrr…

Now, I’m bloody tired [and sore], so I go shower and sleepytime. Back to school, back to reality…after a night to Holmgard and Beyond…


Listening to ‘Rex Regi Rebellius’ by Turisas

Dear Mr DiaryBlog,

You might think that I missed a day again, but in reality…I just wrote it too late for it to count (after all, 2am is the next day). So, considering I get home late again tonight, I think I’ll just combine two days in one! HOLY SHIT Leon, that’s amazing!!!

So yesterday (the 21st), was…a Friday, which meant school. It was okay, except my morning tea was waaaaay too strong. Just opening up the lid in mathematics class shocked me with a delightful yet somewhat violating whiff of goodness. Ahh it was nice…Oh and yes, people seem to not-mind/like my new hairstyle (over my old one????) so that’s kinda cool too 😛

So yeah, I spontaneously also decided to go watch Robin Hood yester-evening; a typical ‘why not? I’ve got nothing better to do’ moment. So I had the company of my brother and a few of his mates for the evening. But geez, my brother sings loud when he drives. REALLY LOUD. Back home, we finally started organizing train times for today…a bit late and indecisive, but meh, it worked out. Cos we’re pro right? XD

Just looking at my calendar right now, I feel like crying. Assessment tasks lurk nearby, ready to strike helpless and unprepared me. Critical Thinking evaluation, music speech, english speech…then there’s maths homework and ‘Book Club: Boys Can Read’ (umm…it’s not a sped thing; just something my teacher decided would amuse her). Then there’s a birthday party, Red Shield appeal, assisting/running PA system at church. *sigh* I need to get on top of all that homework pronto and show it who’s boss. Oh yeah baby, that’s right: Leon’s coming.


OPENER (haven’t really listened to them much). Should be bloody fantastic; gotta love metal. Gotta love Finland showing us some love. Us Aussies need it or withdrawal symptoms will ensue in the form of fanboy growling, unorthodox forms of violence (just kidding?) and reclusive depression…or not? I’d probably just cry and shout the whole ‘Why me?! Why was I not born in Finland?!’.

But anyway, tonight will be epic epic epic shit. Hopefully there won’t be too many overenthusiastic men who are not…ummm…..un-sweaty and uh…what I want to say is obese bearded men who sweat like that guy in the deodorant ad, and spill their beer everywhere, and crush you in the midst of other men of similar stature and scent. I mean, sure, enthusiasm is definitely a must, but I don’t particularly wanna come home with man-sweat [that isn’t my own] all over my face and body. Some people like that kinda thing, but I don’t. If you do…good luck and God bless.

I just hope I don’t fall asleep or be too tired then, it’s not my fault I had dinner at 1:30, watched TV for an hour and woke up at 7 something.

Good morning and have a nice day folks

Get it? Folk metal?

Oh dear that was terrible.


Listening to ‘Rasputin’ by Turisas!